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East Pennine Assembly Hall Lighting

Maltby, Rotherham

The architect Wireframe studio in Sheffield, produced drawings to incorporate a new ceiling layout with an additional suspended ceiling dropped around 500mm from the main ceiling. This suspended ceiling structure followed the main ceiling all the way round the hall at an angle adjacent to the main ceiling of 22.5 degrees.

The luminaires were to be hidden within the suspended ceiling to produce a warm glow and remove the major glare issue caused by the current lighting layout.

Upgrading to the perimeter, stage and platform were to be included as well.

The downside to the current layout was a big glare problem from the recessed 250w and 400w white SON luminaires, which were mounted in to the ceiling with angle of 22.5 degrees. (see pictures)

The project was to incorporate a low energy and maintenance scheme without exceeding the budget.

The first test was to see which T5 luminaires would work within the Ecophon suspended tiling system for the indirect installation but at the same time throw the light across the ceiling which was being used as a reflector to help throw the light around the congregation.

Each section of the lower suspended ceiling was mounted with 4 x Dexeco 80w T5 batten luminaires c/w rack reflector facing toward the back wall and 4 x Dexeco twin 80w T5 batten luminaires c/w rack reflector facing toward the middle. The higher and smaller suspended ceiling have been mounted with 6 x Dexeco twin 54w T5 batten luminaires c/w rack reflector, three facing to the centre and three facing toward the back walls.

The luminaires were placed back to back and 600mm from the front of the suspended ceiling. This helped reduce any glare issues due to the 22.5 degree tilt of the ceiling

The perimeter walls were designed with UK LED 2m 24w Accent Led bars. These replaced 36w fluorescent battens with a seamless run.

The stage perimeter had a mixture of lengths to illuminate the wall with a soft glow.

The stage was designed with the recessed iGuzzini Pixel plus 19w c/w DALI control gear, which was fully rotatable to reduce any glare issue that may be effecting the congregation when seated. Additional UK LED Accent bars were placed within the stage uprights to provide a glow and to illuminate the passage at the back.

The Whitecroft Path Finder full self-test emergency system was installed with different scene settings.

The overall appearance created a warm feeling, no glare issues and a uniformity of 0.7.

The computer program calculated average levels of 300 lux, but in practice the lighting levels were just above 200 lux. All data sheets, drawings, luminaires and reflectance for this project were double checked, to find no errors.

Allegedly incorrect information and data sheets were provided of the ceiling system for this project. It was always noted that an indirect lighting system would be used and installed for this project.

The tile system installed is the Ecophon Advantage E which is a tegular tile, producing a 7mm drop from the T grid, dropping the overall reflectance of the ceiling from 83% (per tile) to a mere 60% overall.

Further investigation with Ecophon and their ceiling systems and properties, indicated that the Akutex FT range would have been a better option for this project due to its reflective properties.

Please note: - Most ceiling layouts would not be affected when placing luminaires in a ceiling grid, but for all architects and building service engineers please pay special attention to the type of ceiling system used in an uplight / indirect lighting layout as this may affect the overall lighting levels


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