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Sunderland Train Station Lighting

After communicating with Adrian Woodhead of LX Engineering Ltd with regards a lamp problem he had with an existing project, he kindly invited Apw Lighting Consultancy Ltd to be their Lighting Consultant, which involved developing an alternative platform luminaire for Sunderland Train Station as well as saving £30,000 off the budget.

The luminaire was a vandal resistant T5 that sat within the rafters of the platform. Having data for both the originally specked and the alternative luminaires, photometric data and design parameters were closely scrutinised.

The original designer for the layout did not clearly read the spec supplied. Within the Mechanical and Electrical Services Specification the design criteria indicated: - Dirty Environment, this was clearly not followed as indicated within the design. The design was produced with 50% walls, 24.7% slated ceiling and 20% floor. The specification clearly indicated, wall 0% floor 0.5% and slated ceiling of 40%.

When investigating the luminaire photometric data, the originally specked luminaire had altered existing data of another luminaire. This is clearly indicated within the design report. The luminaire name and the luminaire order number were missing. The symbol (!) always comes up on photometric data within the design program when the photometric data has been altered. Even if the design program had a luminaire order number or a product name this symbol will always appear when things are changed e.g. Luminaire dimensions or lamp lumens. In this case this had clearly happened.

On completion of our luminaire investigation for an alternative, the alternative luminaire manufacturer went into receivership, but overall the original manufacturer dropped their price.

Adrian has also been in touch recently to find another alternative luminaire due to a 3/4 month lead time. Alternatives were found and passed on with delivery times.


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